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Similar Businesses in this Location

Business NameCategoryAddress
65TH STREET BNB LLCBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-5131
BALBERMAN SHELDON EBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117
BISGAARD SUZANNE S & CARLOW MONTE PBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-4966
BOLINGER ROSE MBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117
BOLSER SHELLEY LBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117
BOUNDY JACOB RBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117
BRAMMER WILLIAM J JRBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117
BROWN AIMEE & PETRI ADAMBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-5358
BROWN BRIAN MBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117
BURNS JAMES T & ANGELIKABed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117
CHAFFIN DAVID & MONTES JAMAANBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-4425
CHIU MIMIBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-5011
COHEN AMYBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-6214
DAISY MAES B & B LLCBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-4828
DORMER ANNABed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117
DUNNELL DIANA MBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-5347
EVA ROSE LLCBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-5401
FILION MICHON ABed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-4438
FINN GRANT CBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-5822
FRAME NOEL CBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-3036
GOSSETT THERESA MBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-5831
HILL SUSAN LBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117
HJELLE ARIANEBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98117

Other Businesses in this Location

Business NameCategoryAddress
100 WORKS LLCResidential RemodelersSEATTLE, WA, 98117-2551
1406 NW 75TH LLCResidential Property ManagersSEATTLE, WA, 98117-5320
1TWO3 LLCCustom Computer Programming ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98117-5521
25TH & GRAND LLCAdministrative Management and General Management Consulting ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98117-3467
3003 NW 74TH ST LLCResidential Property ManagersSEATTLE, WA, 98117-4651
328 NW 86TH ST AIRBNBLessors of Residential Buildings and DwellingsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-3125
36 ARMS LLCTeleproduction and Other Postproduction ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98117-5207
360 CONNECTIONS INTERNATIONAL LLCAll Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98117
360 CONSULTINGOffices of Real Estate Agents and BrokersSEATTLE, WA, 98117-2215
41 BLUE CONSULTING LLCComputer Systems Design ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98117-4032
4536 EASTERN AVE N CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATIONOther Similar Organizations (except Business, Professional, Labor, and Political Organizations)SEATTLE, WA, 98117-4301
5 SHADES OF FADES LLCBarber ShopsSEATTLE, WA, 98117-3237
5 STAR FLOORING INCDrywall and Insulation ContractorsSEATTLE, WA, 98117
5IVE CREATIVE INCAll Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98117-4720

Seattle Business Licenses

This dataset includes the locations of businesses that pay taxes to the City and County of Seattle. Each registered business may have multiple locations and each location is a single row. The Treasurer & Tax Collector’s Office collects this data through business registration applications, account update/closure forms, and taxpayer filings.

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