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US Open Data Websites

The following list contains the open data website URLs of US States. Please click on the URL to browse the available open datasets.

Alabama US State
Alaska- Dept Natural Resources US State
Arizona US State
Arkansas US State
California US State
Colorado US State
Connecticut US State
Delaware US State
Denver Regional Council Other State Related
District of Columbia US State
Florida US State
Georgia US State
Hawaii US State
Hawaii GIS Other State Related
Illinois US State
Illinois South Suburban Mayors and Managers Other State Related
Indiana US State
Iowa US State
Kansas US State
Kentucky US State
Louisiana US State
Maine US State
Maryland US State
Massachusetts US State
Michigan US State
Minnesota US State
Missouri US State
Montana US State
Nebraska US State
New Hampshire US State
New Mexico US State
New York US State
New York State Data Center Other State Related
North Carolina US State
North Dakota GIS Hub US State
NY Department of Health Other State Related
NY State Senate Other State Related
Ohio US State
Oklahoma US State
Oregon US State
Rhode Island US State
South Carolina US State
South Dakota US State
Tennessee US State
Texas US State
Texas Transparency Other State Related
Utah US State
Vermont US State
Virginia US State
Washington US State

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