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Certificate of Occupancy in City of Garland, Texas

A Certificate of Occupancy is a document that allows a business to operate in a specific location. It ensures that a business complies with zoning ordinances as well as any structural or fire/life/safety codes, thereby assuring that the building is ready for occupancy. A Certificate of Occupancy is required for all uses other than single-family homes.

Certificate of Occupany is issued in following three categories in City of Garland, Texas.


The current fees for Certificate of Occupancy application are $238 ($150 Building Inspection fee plus a $50 Fire Marshall's Office fee plus a $38 processing fee).

Requirements for Certificate of Occupancy

  • All five pages of the above documentation must be completely filled out prior to submitting to the Building Inspection Department for review.
  • COs are required for any business within the city limits. New COs are required when a change of ownership occurs, when there is a change in business use, or if the business is expanded into additional/adjoining spaces.
  • Businesses must be registered with the Dallas County Clerk's Office). Additionally, your business must be registered with the State Comptroller's Office and a Sales Tax Permit obtained.
  • The type of business you will be operating determines the number of City departments that will visit your site for inspection.

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