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Certificate of Occupancy in City of Balcones Heights, Texas

A Certificate of Occupancy is legally required prior occupying or leasing a building in City of Balcones Heights. You must submit an application form with applicable fees to get the certificate. The application form can be downloaded below:

Download Certificate of Occupancy Application


The current fee for Certificate of Occupancy application is $150. The fee can be paid through Cheque, Cash, MO or Credit Card.

Requirements for Certificate of Occupancy

  • If your business is making taxable sales, you must attach a copy of your sales tax permit to the application. You can also submit the sales tax permit prior to issuance of your Certificate of Occupancy. The sales tax permit must indicate that the business address is in the City of Balcones Heights, Texas
  • All construction work must be completed and permit inspections should be approved prior to C of O Inspection request
  • All building signage specifications should be approved and permit should be obtained prior to installation
  • If food or beverages are sold, prepared, manufactured, packaged, stored or distributed at your premise then you will be required to obtain a Food Establishment Permit from the City of Balcones Heights.)
  • If there be an alarm system at your location then you must register your alarm with the City Secretary annually.
  • You must register each swimming pool(s) with the City Secretary annually.

Certificate of Occupancy Issuance Process

Upon receiving the application and fee, the COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT will review for proper zoning and use of the building or lease space. The department will schedule a building inspection, and if approved by the Building Inspector the Fire Marshall will perform their inspection. If applicable, upon receipt of a Food Establishment Permit Application, a Health Inspection will be conducted and if all approved you will be issued a Certificate of Occupancy and Food Establishment Permit.

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