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Philadelphia Business Licenses

Licenses are required for individuals and businesses to engage in select commercial activities in the City of Philadelphia. For example, vendors and restaurants require a license in order to sell goods and food and trades-people. This page give detail of business licenses issued by the City of Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia Business

Business NameAddressCategory
Ebenezer Olubajo19131-3246Rental
courtney hartnett-odonnell19125-1108Rental
N J DELI & GROCERY INC19131-4249Food Preparing and Serving
EL GUATE AUTO REPAIR LLC19124-3101Motor Vehicle Repair / Retail Mobile Dispensing
CHEN ZHONG ZHANG19111-4905Rental
sheila d hunter19131-3110Rental
Gloria Cingit Wong (GLORIA WONG)19134-5035Rental
Francis Angelo19145-1708Rental
Kelly Staskel19145-2723Rental
Courtney Kissel19145-3612Rental
Planet Home Lending LLC (Planet Home Lending LLC)19144-0000Vacant Residential Property / Lot
Kampar (Kampar)19147-2103Food Preparing and Serving (30+ SEATS)
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC19120-1212Vacant Residential Property / Lot
FLORA YEN19124-2309Rental
Edward J Maier19116-3625Rental
GUI ZHEN LIN19135-3012Rental
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.19111-5910Vacant Residential Property / Lot
17 S Hinchman Avenue LLC19106-3115Rental
F and c real estate holdings19124-4501Rental
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.19150-0000Vacant Residential Property / Lot

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