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Texas Businesses and Occupations

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) regulates and issues licenses to a broad range of occupations, businesses, facilities, and equipment in Texas.

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Texas TDLR License

Owner NameLicense TypeExpiration Date
VACA, ABELA/C Technician08/20/2022
GARZA, FREDA/C Technician10/21/2021
EBBE, ERIC JA/C Technician10/21/2022
MUCHOW, BRADLY TA/C Technician04/19/2023
RUIZ, LEEA/C Technician06/09/2023
SMITH, LENNIE LA/C Technician03/16/2021
SECUNDINO, OMARA/C Technician11/25/2022
BELLMAN, JOSE GA/C Technician03/22/2022
MCLAIN , JUSTIN WA/C Technician03/01/2022
WILLETT, ERICA/C Technician03/03/2021
LE, TUAN THANHA/C Technician06/05/2023
ABBAS, KHALED AA/C Technician06/07/2023
BERRY, KEVINA/C Technician09/16/2022
AMER, RICARDOA/C Technician11/11/2022
HENSLEY, LEVIA/C Technician10/29/2022
HAAG, ALYSSA MA/C Technician06/19/2022
IBANEZ, GERARDOA/C Technician07/01/2023
CHACON, LEONEL MA/C Technician11/19/2022
MYERS, JAKE AA/C Technician08/16/2022
LOPEZ, ANDYA/C Technician09/20/2022

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