Residential Care Facilities For The Elderly in County of San Mateo

This tool helps you in searching location and capacity information for residential care facilities for the elderly in San Mateo County. The data is provided County of San Mateo Health System and may not include every residential care facility available otherwise.

Enter ZIP Code to get list of residential care facilities.

Search Home Health Care Agencies

Search Home Health Care Agencies in your area using ZIP code. The search results only include the agencies which have been registered with Medicare. The results include addresses, phone numbers, and quality measure ratings for each agency. The search is connected with Medicare.Gov API and provides latest results.

Find Elderly Care Services

Elderly Care Service finder helps in locating best elder care services in your community. You can use ZIP code or City and State to search elderly care services. The search is connected with US Administration on Aging API and provides latest results.

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More information on Elderly Care Services is available from U.S. Administration on Aging. You can reach them at 1-800-677-1116 during Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm ET.

Find Elderly Care Services in 99501, 90210, 33162, 60606, 42748, 70130, 48202, 89041