Subcontracting Tools for Small Businesses

Every year, Federal government awards contracts of Billion of $USD. However, doing business directly with federal government is not easy. It is competitive, requires lengthy paperwork, guarantees and patience.

There is another way of growing your business; Subcontracting.

Subcontracting is the process of accomplishing various sub-tasks of a large contract. Subcontracting opportunities are announced by large contractors working directly with government. has developed excellent tools for small business. These tools enables you to find potential subcontracting opportunities by searching and analysing the contracts awards and contractor detail. These tools are also handy if you want to search and browse the federal government contract awards available at

Our Subcontracting Tools

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Contract Award Sheets By Date

Contract Award Sheet gives detail of contracts awarded by date. You can make use of these sheets to find about the contracts awarded and prime contractors with respect to dates. Click on any set of dates to get detail of the contract awards and their respective contractors.

Contract Awards By Place of Performance

Federal Contracts are awarded with Place of Performance all over the country or abroad. You can use this tool to browse the contract awards by place of performance. You can search contract awards and their respective contractors using Place of Performance ZIP code or by clicking on any state name.

Contract Awards by Industry Type

Federal Contracts are awarded for all types of industries based on NAICS code. This tool provides a list of all the latest awards categorized by their NAICS description. Click on any NAICS description to view contracts awarded in that category. Please note that not all awards mention the NAICS code.

SubNet Subcontracting Opportunities

Subcontracting opportunities are also available at SBA’s SubNet Database. We have listed below the direct links to the SubNet Subcontracting opportunities. Click on any state name to check the subcontracting opportunities available in that state.

Contract Awards By Contractor Name

Federal contracts are awarded to different contractors all over the country. This tool provides list of all active federal contract awards categorized by the name of contractor. Click on any contactor name to get list of contracts won.

Prime Contractors Directory

Prime Contractors work directly with federals government. You can use Prime Contractors Directory  search active Prime Contractors. You can search Prime Contractors using ZIP Code or by clicking on the state name.

Advanced Search for Contract Awards

Advanced Search gives you complete control for searching contract awards. You can search an award using keyword, State of Performance, Award Date and NAICS Description.