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Similar Businesses in this Location

Business NameCategoryAddress
0 BLOK LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-2429
AB ARCHITECTS INCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-5534
ANJALI GRANT DESIGN LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-6701
BAJAJ SHEA NArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144
BATT & LEAR INCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-3147
BEST PRACTICE PS INCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-2099
BOXWOOD LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-4017
BPT ARCHITECTURE LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144
COCKBURN AMY IArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144
HADDAD DRUGAN LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-2415
HURWITZ LARRY JArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-5629
JEFFREY W WOODWARD INCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144
LEAD PENCIL STUDIO LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-2126
MARLO BROWN ARCHITECTS LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-2336
MULHOLLAND DESIGN LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-6709
PEACHES ARCHITECTURE LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-4312
PERRY LAURA UArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-3929
RAINIER VALLEY PARTNERS LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-4307
RUSSELL NATEArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-4732
SANDLER ARCHITECTS LLCArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-2839
SHARPE BEN GArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144
SMITH-GARDINER NINA CArchitectural ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144-3145

Other Businesses in this Location

Business NameCategoryAddress
1 WORLD LLCElectronic ShoppingSEATTLE, WA, 98144
10 PENNY STUDIO COMPANYNew Single-Family Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders)SEATTLE, WA, 98144
1051 NE 96TH LLCResidential Property ManagersSEATTLE, WA, 98144-7029
1115 8TH AVE W LLCLessors of Residential Buildings and DwellingsSEATTLE, WA, 98144-3217
12 MAN TOWINGMotor Vehicle TowingSEATTLE, WA, 98144
12 TO 3All Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers (except Tobacco Stores)SEATTLE, WA, 98144-4211
128 LIOES LLCLessors of Residential Buildings and DwellingsSEATTLE, WA, 98144-5035
12TH AVENUE IRON INCSheet Metal Work ManufacturingSEATTLE, WA, 98144-2801
1315 AIRBNB LLCAll Other Traveler AccommodationSEATTLE, WA, 98144-4299
1351 LLCAll Other Traveler AccommodationSEATTLE, WA, 98144-4036
1515BALLARD LLCLessors of Residential Buildings and DwellingsSEATTLE, WA, 98144-5824
16TH WORKSHOP INCNonupholstered Wood Household Furniture ManufacturingSEATTLE, WA, 98144-2904
1GREENCHECK.COM LLCAll Other Personal ServicesSEATTLE, WA, 98144
206 PARTNERS LLCOffices of Real Estate Agents and BrokersSEATTLE, WA, 98144
2305 SOUTH NORMAN LLCBed-and-Breakfast InnsSEATTLE, WA, 98144-3029

Seattle Business Licenses

This dataset includes the locations of businesses that pay taxes to the City and County of Seattle. Each registered business may have multiple locations and each location is a single row. The Treasurer & Tax Collector’s Office collects this data through business registration applications, account update/closure forms, and taxpayer filings.

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