Residential Care Facilities For The Elderly in County of San Mateo

This dataset contains location and capacity information for residential care facilities for the elderly in San Mateo County. The data is provided by County of San Mateo Health System and may not include every residential care facility available otherwise.

Facility NameCapacityPhone NumberAddressCityZIP
Celeste Care Home6(650) 372-07901714 Celested DriveSan Mateo94402
Friendly Corner Home6(650) 375-83371782 Cottage Grove San Mateo94401
Karina Care Home6(650) 377-0821214 Sanpiper CourtFoster City94404
Lesley Terrace Assisted Living Facility26(650) 593-18182400 Calrmont DriveBelmont94002
Mimi's Home6(650) 340-8994340-8994San Mateo94401
Mother's Care Home6(415) 333-842232 Lakespur AvenueDaly City94015
Nani's Home3(650) 477-2213633 Vanessa DriceSan Mateo94402
Park Avenue Care Home 26(650) 931-46331616 Elenor AvenueSan Mateo94402
Elle's Care Home6(650) 756-1351704 Maddux DriveDaly City94015
Elizabeth's Care Home I6(650) 871-07072530 Wentworth DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Peninsula Village6(650) 345-1357108 E. Hillsdale BoulevardSan Mateo94403
Ahau Boarding Care Home3(650) 866-3157901 Kains AvenueSan Bruno94066
Fook Hong Care Home, Inc.6(650) 533-0541117 Arroyo DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Golden Age, Inc.6(650) 877-8258624 Cypress AvenueMillbrae94030
Cypress Home4(650) 562-7807537 Cypress StreetRedwood City94061
Bel Amor III6(650) 871-7931169 San Felipe AvenueSouth San Francisco94080
Angel Haven6(650) 458-61661660 Wolf DriveSan Mateo94402
Chestnut House #16(650) 594-1464590 Chestnut StreetSan Carlos94070
Toyon Care LLC6(650) 581-16981000 Toyon DriveBurlingame94010
Garden Court at the Village6(650) 389-6279137 Poinsettia AvenueSan Mateo94403
Roias Home for the Elderly6(650) 577-1563311 28th AvenueSan Mateo94403
Jasmine's Cozy Cottage6(650) 462-1366619 Ivy DriveMenlo Park94025
Oikos Care Home, Inc6(650) 244-92442311 Tipperary AvenueSouth San Francisco94080
Chad Corner Assisted Living6(650) 588-53912901 Shannon DriveSouth San Francisco94080
1st Pacific Coast Homes6(650) 992-831032 Larkspur AvenueDaly City94015
Nobis Care Home6(650) 583-83292860 Oakmont DriveSan Bruno94066
Heirloom Gardens of Daly City6(650) 922-103975 Surrey CourtDaly City94015
East West Care Redwood City6(650) 438-55841749 Maryland StreetRedwood City94061
Judy's Home for the Elderly, Inc.12(650) 458-32652836 Flores StreetSan Mateo94403
Monteverde Manor6(650) 624-76243420 Fleetwood DriveSan Bruno94066
Palm Assisted Living, LLC6(650) 777-90442818 Tiburon WayBurlingame94010
Capay Home4(510) 305-891922 Capay CircleSouth San Francisco94080
Hopkins Manor88(650) 368-56561235 Hopkins AvenueRedwood City94062
Reyna's Home6(650) 344-4993212 Ottawa StreetSan Mateo94401
Lifetime Home5(650) 583-8336356 Mastick AvenueSan Bruno94066
Lincoln Residence 653 Care Home by RNs6(415) 533-5690653 Commercial AvenueSouth San Francisco94080
Coastal Home Care for the Elderly4(650) 355-8554159 Clarendon RoadPacifica94044
B&B Residential Facility6(650) 574-043939 W. 38th AvenueSan Mateo94403
Manalo's Board and Care II6(650) 868-1901808 Byron DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Palm Villas49(650) 369-31971931 Woodside RoadRedwood City94061
Olivia's Care Home6(650) 345-30512087 Isabelle AvenueSan Mateo94403
Marinol Senior Care II5(650) 355-6173675 Crespi DrivePacifica94044
Redwood Acres Residential Home6(650) 361-10141728 Redwood AvenueRedwood City94061
Victoria5(650) 307-95861252 Crestwood DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Manalo's Board and Care 6(650) 755-7883807 Byron DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Sakura Gardens6(650) 525-17952108 Isabelle AvenueSan Mateo94403
AM Residential Care Home6(650) 348-82121000 Balboa AvenueBurlingame94010
Agape Villas Care Home6(650) 992-07171165 San Anselmo AvenueMillbrae94030
Santa Barbara Guest Home for the Elderly6(650) 992-2159420 Santa Barbara AvenueDaly City94014
Westborough Royal99(650) 872-040089 Westborough BoulevardSouth San Francisco94080
Dolphin Park Rest Home #36(650) 593-4965380 Gunter LaneRedwood City94065
Burlingame Senior Home 26(650) 692-18381738 Quesada WayBurlingame94010
Orchid Lan6(650) 234-9987735 Monte Rosa DriveMenlo Park94025
Advent Residential Home II6(650) 689-5690808 Hawthorne WayMillbrae94030
C&C's Care Home6(650) 580-31402700 Oakmont DriveSan Bruno94066
Family Circle 6(650) 878-8881194 Canterbury AvenueDaly City94015
Sunvill Board and Care II6(650) 255-2185771 Camaritas AvenueSouth San Francisco94080
Cape Community Care6(650) 345-79743923 Wilshire AvenueSan Mateo94403
Monteverde Manor II6(650) 483-99972640 Muirfield CircleSan Bruno94066
TLC Home Care III6(415) 420-0389630 Vanessa DriveSan Mateo94402
Easton Creek Villa6(650) 344-37981268 Balboa AvenueBurlingame94010
Heritage Park6(650) 344-1855843 Jefferson CourtSan Mateo94401
Cortez Home6(650) 375-89721008 Cortez AvenueBurlingame94010
Amazing Home6(650) 286-969817 Jody CourtSan Mateo94402
Heirloom Gardens of Burlingame6(650) 922-10391424 Sanchez AvenueBurlingame94010
Marymount Greenhills Retirement Center188(650) 742-91501201 Broadway Millbrae94030
Double Happiness Care Home6(650) 993-4018859 Camaritas CircleSouth San Francisco94080
TLC Home Care IV6(650) 952-1687852 87th StreetDaly City94015
Home at Crestmoor6(650) 872-84192600 Plymouth WaySan Bruno94066
Mills Estate Villa47(650) 692-06001733 California DriveBurlingame94010
CLM Care Home6(650) 361-12981320 Valota RoadRedwood City94061
Bayview Villa44(650) 596-3489777 Bayview DriveSan Carlos94070
Apple Tree Home Care6(650) 348-6748129 Humboldt RoadBurlingame94010
Emerald Residential Care Home6(650) 348-30541749 Newbridge AvenueSan Mateo94401
San Bruno Care Home6(650) 827-13821382 Williams AvenueSan Bruno94066
A & E Home Care Services6(650) 574-59941615 Dix StreetSan Mateo94401
Manalo's Board and Care V6(650) 868-1901840 Alta Loma DriveSouth San Francisco94080
TLC Home Care6(650) 872-50067 Hermosa LaneSouth San Francisco94080
Bel Amor IV6(650) 787-9742648 Joaquin DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Laurelwood Care Home6(650) 591-5016324 Laurel StreetSan Carlos94070
Bautista Board and Care I6(650) 873-7261708 Circle CourtSouth San Francisco94080
Heritage Place13(650) 573-9472152 24th AvenueSan Mateo94403
Ark Street Home6(650) 574-45491633 Ark StreetSan Mateo94403
Redwood Care Home18(650) 364-3499188 Duane StreetRedwood City94062
Angelique Residential Care Home6(650) 372-0638260 Stilt CourtFoster City94404
Manalo's Board and Care IV6(650) 758-2895840 Camaritas CircleSouth San Francisco94080
Three M's Care Home6(650) 341-1576823 31st AvenueSan Mateo94403
Harmony Assisted Living of San Mateo6(650) 212-02441818 Royal AvenueSan Mateo94401
Atria Daly City120(650) 878-5111501 King DriveDaly City94015
Sterling Court23(650) 344-8200850 N. El Camino RealSan Mateo94401
Joyful Chapter26(650) 827-5228340 Alta Vista DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Village Lane Care Home6(650) 993-8619104 Village LaneDaly City94015
B&B Residential Facilities, Inc.7(650) 345-65803824 Beresford StreetSan Mateo94403
Millbrae Assisted Living Center, LLC48(650) 689-57761001 Hemlock AvenueMillbrae94030
Garden Gateway Care Home6(650) 219-292912 Sullivan AvenueDaly City94015
Home Sweet Home57(925) 362-0354205 Collins AvenueColma94014
George Anne Home6(415) 518-3830849 N Delaware StreetSan Mateo94401
Yesteryear II6(650) 571-6028113 16th AvenueSan Mateo94402
PRN Care Home, Inc.7(650) 999-956087 Berta CircleDaly City94015
Damenik's Home6(650) 756-5125767 Maddux DriveDaly City94015
Auswill Care Home6(650) 578-17981290 Ribbon StreetFoster City94404
Burlingame Manor6(650) 344-51511035 Chula Vista AvenueBurlingame94010
Nobis Care Home6(650) 610-06692800 Oakmont DriveSan Bruno94066
Beatrice Care4(650) 636-2270687 Green AvenueSan Bruno94066
Norcal Care Home II4(650) 376-34611706 Borden StreetSan Mateo94403
Araville Residential Care Home II6(650) 799-57221136 Vermont AvenueSan Bruno94066
Lakeview Lodge49(650) 369-7476530 Lakeview WayRedwood City94062
Winston Manor Home6(650) 991-272120 Elkwood DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Judy's Home for the Elderly, Inc.6(650) 458-32623415 Pacifica BlvdSan Mateo94403
Pines Residence6(650) 758-6379680 Macarthur AvenueColma94015
New Life Residence6(650) 579-1131976 Norton San Mateo94401
Encina Care Home6(650) 364-1657354 Encina AvenueRedwood City94061
Eva-Marie Residential Care Home II6(650) 994-43689 Larkspur AvenueDaly City94015
Emerald Hills Care Home6(650) 465-94301871 Cordilleras RoadRedwood City94062
Marinol Senior Care I6(650) 557-1227768 Lundy wayPacifica94044
Icare6(650) 243-8889714 Southwood DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Judy's Home for the Elderly6(650) 458-6131151 28th AvenueSan Mateo94403
Chestnut Manor III6(650) 952-5676130 Park View DriveSan Bruno94066
B&B Residential Facilities6(650) 570-512413 W. 38th AvenueSan Mateo94403
Penninsula Del Rey156(650) 992-2100465 Pierce StreetDaly City94015
B&B Care Home, Inc. #26(650) 525-177048 W. 39th AvenueSan Mateo9443
19th Parl Ave Home Care6(650) 638-17261628 Celeste DriveSan Mateo94402
Abigail Complete Care, Inc24(650) 224-88531230 Hopkins AvenueRedwood City94062
Manalo's Board and Care III6(650) 755-1258853 Newman DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Kensington Place Redwood City67(650) 363-92002800 El Camino RealRedwood City94061
Pacifica Senior Living Mission Villa60(650) 756-1995995 E. Market StreetDaly City94014
Delia's Retirement Home, Inc.6(650) 757-176852 Arlington DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Simple Living 2 Residential Carehome for Elderly6(650) 315-22341700 South Norfolk StreetSan Mateo94403
Hillside Care Home10(650) 518-5206796 Hillside BlvdDaly City94014
Paradise Home, Inc.6(650) 758-2635723 Maddux DriveColma94015
Hennelly House6(650) 312-8721306 31st AvenueSan Mateo94403
Heritage Shores6(650) 348-7053948 Patricia AvenueSan Mateo94401
Nevilyn's Home4(650) 435-51231702 Echo AvenueSan Mateo94401
Araville Residential Care Home III6(650) 871-8775106 Sycamore AvenueSouth San Francisco94080
Heirloom Gardens of San Bruno6(650) 922-10392976 Fleetwood DriveSan Bruno94066
Nobis Care Home6(650) 634-95102525 Oakmont DriveSan Bruno94066
TLC Home Care II6(650) 401-81911853 Royal AvenueSan Mateo94401
Golden Manor of San Bruno6(650) 296-30612045 Sea Cliff WaySan Bruno94066
St. Anne's Residential Care6(650) 589-1950164 Santa Dominga AvenueSan Bruno94066
Home Sweet Home Senior Care55(650) 992-27271560 Bryant StreetDaly City94015
Sunrise Assisted Living of Belmont117(650) 508-04001010 Alameda De Las PulgasBelmont94002
Noralyn's Care Home6(650) 624-92222780 Tipperary South San Francisco94080
Precious Care Home6(650) 992-2878904 87th StreetDaly City94015
Friendly Acres Elder Home6(650) 369-45033526 Page StreetRedwood City94063
Westborough Manor 58(650) 875-52002581 Eucalyptus DriveSan Bruno94066
AA'Rika Care Home6(650) 593-50662016 Brittan AvenueSan Carlos94070
Jasmine's Cozy Cottage @ Madera6(650) 323-26991379 Madera AvenueMenlo Park94025
Five Star Care Home6(650) 592-6333416 Lanyard DriveRedwood City94065
Bougainvilleas Care Home15(650) 737-0832201 Alta Vista DriveSouth San Francisco94080
J & V Family Care Home6(650) 952-5231329 San Pablo AvenueMillbrae94030
Always TLC6(650) 345-1441226 Sandpiper CourtFoster City94404
Heritage Royale6(650) 697-89302 Henry PlaceMillbrae94030
Rose Garden Villa5(650) 892-65573760 Fleetwood DriveSan Bruno94066
Cruz Diaz Residential Care Home, LLC6(650) 273-1303706 Palm AvenueSouth San Francisco94080
Turnberry Care Provider, Inc6(650) 583-18552580 Turnberry DriveSan Bruno94066
Silver Point Plaza, Inc.43(650) 623-705816 Coleman PlaceMenlo Park94025
Spice of Life Residential Care Home6(650) 364-4211419 Topaz StreetRedwood City94062
Village Lane Home4(650) 993-8952209 Village LaneDaly City94015
Home in Burlingame, The6(650) 348-1079922 Capuchino AvenueBurlingame94010
TLC Home Care6(650) 952-168740 Shelter Creek LaneSan Bruno94066
Nazareth Classic Care Community45(650) 322-4100800 Roble AvenueMenlo Park94025
Brookdale Redwood City130(650) 366-3900485 Woodside RoadRedwood City94061
Alexis Care Home4(650) 755-8188611 87th StreetDaly City94015
Hacienda Place6(650) 212-23202671 Hacienda StreetSan Mateo94403
Monteverde Manor III6(650) 376-30532650 Edison StreetSan Mateo94403
San Carlos Elms130(650) 595-1500707 Elm Street San Carlos94070
B&B Care Home, Inc.6(650) 574-291852 W. 39th AvenueSan Mateo94403
Westborough Manor II6(650) 875-52002498 Oakmont DriveSan Bruno94066
Ageway Boarding Care #26(650) 315-26211325 Royal AvenueSan Mateo94401
Damenik's Home15(650) 827-1110851 Baden AvenueSouth San Francisco94080
Pacific Care Home I6(650) 341-97273653 Pacific BoulevardSan Mateo94403
Amore53(650) 755-0411130 Vale StreetDaly City94014
Silverado Senior Living - Belmont Hills112(650) 654-97001301 Ralston AvenueBelmont94002
Bautista Guest House #16(650) 588-5130104 Georgia AvenueSan Bruno94066
Derry Way Home, Inc.8(650) 219-79302243 Derry WaySouth San Francisco94080
Five Star Care Home II6(650) 345-5784789 Niantic DriveFoster City94404
Sunvill Board and Care Home6(650) 872-0615409 Holly AvenueSouth San Francisco94080
Pacific Care Home II6(650) 345-17963647 Pacific BoulevardSan Mateo94403
Home in San Mateo, The6(650) 315-21521790 Brooks StreetSan Mateo94403
Rosie's Home for the Aged6(650) 638-0352317 West 20th AvenueSan Mateo94403
Complete Senior Living, LLC6(650) 579-1234601 N. IdahoSan Mateo94401
Hudson Manor6(650) 298-8888278 Hudson StreetRedwood City94062
Samanta Care Home6(650) 872-50702961 Oakmont DriveSan Bruno94066
Gonzales Home6(650) 589-88203645 Fleetwood DriveSan Bruno94066
Elizabeth's Care Home 26(650) 871-14442530 Olympic DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Heirloom Gardens5(650) 922-10392305 Tipperary AvenueSouth San Francisco94080
Pete's Place6(650) 363-24231122 Valota RoadRedwood City94062
Mission Villa @ Daly City60(650) 756-1995995 E. Market StreetDaly City94014
Burlingame Senior Care6(650) 689-57771654 Escalante WayBurlingame94010
Alhambra Home Care6(650) 589-1900498 Alhambra RoadSouth San Francisco94080
M.S. Care Home6(650) 345-6456435 Portola DriveSan Mateo94403
Westborough Manor 66(650) 875-90162550 Catalpa WaySan Bruno94066
Enchanted Garden for Seniors6(650) 212-2674188 Starlite DriveSan Mateo94402
Agape Care Home6(650) 922-32082800 Saint Cloud DriveSan Bruno94066
Camenchita's Residential Care Home6(650) 989-8482419 Hazelwood DriveSouth San Francisco91080
Chartier Home LLC6(650) 368-44191424 Hopkins AvenueRedwood City94062
Britannia Place6(650) 369-83831515 Maddux DriveRedwood City94061
Yesteryear I6(650) 571-1384111 16th AvenueSan Mateo94402
Heritage Hills6(650) 588-8640416 Millwood DriveMillbrae94030
Emmaus Care Home6(650) 345-9665513 Broughton LaneFoster City94404
Westborough Manor 48(650) 875-52002595 Oakmont DriveSan Bruno94066
Therese Residential Care Home6(650) 572-83891787 Rex StreetSan Mateo94403
Farol's Manor6(415) 694-08791823 Louvaine Drive Daly City94015
Sunrise Assisted Living of San Mateo85(650) 558-8555955 S. El Camino RealSan Mateo94402
Sunrise of Burlingame97(650) 692-28051818 Trousdale DriveBurlingame94010
Buena's Board and Care6(650) 755-7728208 Mariposa AvenueDaly City94015
Lyons Elderly Home, LLC6(650) 556-17541168 Lyons StreetRedwood City94061
Westborough Manor I6(650) 875-52002496 Oakmont Drive San Bruno94066
New Cedar Lane Care Home, Inc. 23(650) 728-3132924 Cedar StreetMontara 94037
Janie's Home6(650) 349-2943197 Flying Cloud IsleFoster City94404
McCaffrey's Care Home6(650) 872-03632381 Olympic DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Millbrae Family Care Home6(650) 692-1297487 Anita DriveMillbrae94030
Hillcrest Manor12(650) 365-2913909 Hillcrest DriveRedwood City94062
Habitat on 87th Street6(650) 994-9588520 87th StreetDaly City94015
Mariner's Green Residential Care6(650) 591-6115380 Ensign LaneRedwood City94065
Olympic Residential Care Home6(650) 842-31902470 Olympic DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Atria Hillsdale175(650) 378-30002883 South NorfolkSan Mateo94403
Sonas Home6(650) 577-9909886 Gull AvenueFoster City94404
Martha's Home3(650) 340-8821227 Prague StreetSan Mateo94401
Capra House Care Home6(650) 455-2249779 Park WaySouth San Francisco94080
TLC Home Corporation6(650) 360-36173090 Muirfield CircleSan Bruno94066
Maryland Home6(650) 366-88752028 Maryland StreetRedwood City94061
Heritage Inn13(650) 348-5585835 Jefferson CourtSan Mateo94401
Sunvalley Chateau Pacifica12(650) 355-8948689 Ladera WayPacifica94044
Heritage Villa6(650) 697-1172526 Anita LaneMillbrae94030
Bel Amor II6(650) 866-4995608 Theresa DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Seniors at Crane6(650) 863-6708690 Crane AvenueFoster City94404
Westborough Manor 36(650) 875-52002320 Oakmont DriveSan Bruno94066
Patricia Home6(650) 347-3870988 Patricia AvenueSan Mateo94401
Villa Carmen6(650) 992-89202800 Shannon DriveSouth San Francisco94080
Elle's Care Home 26(650) 872-138918 Rosalita LaneMillbrae94030
Vanessa Care Home II6(650) 345-01141640 Eleanor DriveSan Mateo94402
Elder Care Haven6(650) 692-27152108 Trousdale DriveBurlingame94010
Brenner's Retirement Home6(650) 589-20521562 Magnolia AvenueMillbrae94030
Retirement Plus of San Carlos II6(650) 637-13031064 Laurel AvenueSan Carlos94070
Nazareth Vista, LLC68(650) 591-2008900 Sixth AvenueBelmont94002
Three Bells of Montara38(650) 728-54831185 Acacia StreetMontara 94037
Access Care Center6(855) 344-40482511 Catalpa waySan Bruno94066
Lotus Law Home, LLC6(650) 563-9772555 Vermont AvenueMoss Beach94038
Maryrose Board and Care6(650) 349-62561372 Marlin AvenueFoster City94404
Aegis of South San Francisco100(650) 952-61002280 Gellert BoulevardSouth San Francisco94080
Ark Street Manor6(650) 574-45491633 Ark StreetSan Mateo94403
Royal Llima6(650) 348-38951565 Royal AvenueSan Mateo94401
Pacific Care Home III6(650) 615-90712880 St. Cloud DriveSan Bruno94066
Heritage Home6(650) 572-1323304 22nd AvenueSan Mateo94403
Atria Burlingame90(650) 343-2747250 Myrtle RoadBurlingame94010
Family Affair Care Home6(650) 871-5095264 Southcliff AvenueSouth San Francisco94080