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Prime Contractors work directly with federals government. You can use Prime Contractors Directory  search active Prime Contractors. You can search Prime Contractors using ZIP Code or by clicking on the state name.

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Ohio(21)California(21)Virginia(15)New York(14)
Maryland(12)Florida(10)Massachusetts(10)New Jersey(9)
Michigan(5)Oklahoma(4)Wisconsin(4)North Dakota(4)
Nevada(3)Maine(3)Kentucky(2)Puerto Rico(2)
Iowa(2)New Hampshire(2)Utah(2)Indiana(2)
Arkansas(2)Tennessee(2)Alabama(2)South Dakota(2)
North Carolina(2)Idaho(1)Louisiana(1)West Virginia(1)
Ontario(1)New Brunswick(1)New Mexico(1)Rhode Island(1)
Connecticut(1)Chicago(1)Washington (1)


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