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Business Overview

The Philadelphia business H&M CARE INC is licensed with City of Philadelphia, Department of Licenses and Inspections. The license type of this business is Food Preparing and Serving. The business license is valid from 2022-12-02 to 2023-12-01. The business address is 4920 Baltimore Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19143 USA

Business License Information

License Number911781
Type of BusinessFood Preparing and Serving
License StatusActive
License Valid From2022-12-02
License Valid To2023-12-01

Business Location

Address7103 WOODLAND AVE
Zip Code19142-1039

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Licenses are required for individuals and businesses to engage in select commercial activities in the City of Philadelphia. For example, vendors and restaurants require a license in order to sell goods and food and trades-people. This page give detail of business licenses issued by the City of Philadelphia.

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