Chemistry Database – Explore Compound Properties

Our Chemistry Database helps in quickly finding chemical information of Compounds from authoritative sources. Enter below compound name or PubChem ID to get the inforamtion about the compound.


Search Local Banks & Branches

Bank & Branch Locator Service helps in locating Banks, Branches, and Credit Unions in your area. The search is connected with FDCI API and provides latest results.

Browse Banks & Branches in All States

Search for towed and relocated vehicles in Chicago

This tool helps you in finding towed or relocated cars and vehicles in Chicago using Plate Number. The data is available for last 90 days. The data includes cars and vehicles towed or relocated by the Chicago Police Department, Department of Streets and Sanitation, Department of Revenue, Aviation and the office of the City Clerk.

Enter Car or Vehicle's Plate Number to search.

Chicago Affordable Rental Housing Developments Search

This tool helps you in checking detail of low income and affordable rental housing developments supported by City of Chicago programs. The data available here is based on the open data released by City of Chicago Government and may not include every affordable housing unit available.

Enter Zip Code to get list of affordable housing units in that area.

List of Businesses in Los Angeles City

This tool helps you in checking detail of active businesses regietred with Office of Finance, Los Angeles City Government. The "active" means that owner of the business has not yet notified the Office of Finance about the closure of business.

Enter part of business name or street address and Zip Code to check detail of the bsuiness.

Seattle Building Permit Status

This page helps in checking all building permits issued or in progress within the city of Seattle.

Enter the Permit Tracking Number to check detail of the permit.

Particular Detail
Permit Class
Permit Class Mapped
Permit Type
Current Status

TLC Licensed FHV Active Drivers Status

Check TLC License status of drivers who are in good standing and have an active license. Please use driver's license number or name to check TLC License status.

For Hire Vehicles (FHV) - Active Drivers

For Hire Vehicles (FHV) - Active Drivers

How to check if my tlc license is suspended?

Search for TLC driver license using driver’s name or license number. If the license is suspended, no results will appear.

TLC License Status

  • For Hire Vehicles (FHV) – Active Drivers: The status of For Hire Vehicles drivers can be checked using License No. or Last Name.
  • Medallion Drivers: The status of can be checked using License No.
  • Street Hail Livery (SHL) Drivers: The status of Street Hail Livery (SHL) Drivers can be checked using License No. The Street Hail Livery (SHL) list consist of drivers that are currently active, in good standing and authorized to operate Street Hail Livery (SHL) vehicles

How to get a TLC Driver License ?

The TLC driver license is required to drive for hire in New York City. Basic requirements to apply for a driver license are as under:

  • Minimum age: 19
  • Have a Valid DMV Chauffer’s license- Class A, B, C, or E
  • Must have a valid Social Security Number
  • No fines or fees owed to NYS DMV or TLC
  • No more than 5 points on the DMV license within a 15 month period back from your most recent violation date
  • To see the “fit to hold a license” requirements look at Fitness Rules Notice

NYC Department of Building-DOB Job Application Status

Check Department of Buildings(DOB) Job Application status. Use House Number or Job Application Number to check the status. This dataset does not include jobs submitted through DOB NOW.

Enter the House Number and Borough to check detail of the job application.

Enter the Job Application Number to check detail of the job application.

DOB NOW: Electrical Permit Applications Status

This page helps you in checking Department of Buildings(DOB) Now Electrical Permit Applications in New York City.

Enter the Job Filling Number (B00001212-AA-EL) to check detail of the application.

Particular Detail
Filling Type
Filing Status
Job Status
House Number
Street Name
Building BIN No
License Type
Job Description

Chicago Building Permit Status

Check Chicago Building Permit status using House Number, Ward Number, 9-digit Permit Application Number or Cenus Tract Number. The information is available about currently-valid building permits issued from 2006 to the present. If no record is found, then the permit application may be in process.

Enter the House No. and Street First Letter to check status of the permit.

Enter the Ward # to check status of the permit

Enter the Permit # to check status of the permit.

Enter the Cenus Tract # to check status of the permit

Building permits help that construction work complies with the minimum standards of safety established by the Chicago Building Code. Homeowners and small business owners can find more information from the Guide to Permits