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Los Angeles BAVN Opportunites

A listing of open bid opportunities provided by the City of Los Angeles and available on the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (BAVN) at

Click on a Bid ID to open the BAVN page.

IDTitleDepartmentStatusCategoryOpen DateDue Date
40855PAINT ENAMEL SPRAYWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-10-012020-10-16
40854Hoses FirefightingGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-10-012020-10-06
40853CONSOLE SYSTEMWATER CONTROL CENTERWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-302020-10-15
40852Parts Pump Mfr Universal AnalyzersGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-07
40851Parts Grinder Mfr Franklin Miller and Rings Mfr SihiGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-07
40850RFP 90599 Locational Distributed Energy ResourcesWater & PowerOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-302021-01-15
40849Paulson Face Shield Visor Replacement OnlyGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-01
40848Ball Valve and Acutator Mfr DeZurikGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-07
40847SENSOR WITH 87 CABLE ECHOSMARTGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-06
40846UHMWPE Tivar 1000 Conveyor LinerGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-06
40845Tactical Helmet AccessoriesGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-01
40844120043 Paint and Paint Supplies at Los Angeles International AirportAirports Los Angeles WorldOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-302020-10-22
40843IFB 132064R1 EV SWITCHBOARDWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-302020-10-14
40842IFB 131633 TRANSFORMERS POTENTIAL AND OTHER ITEMSWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-302020-10-14
40841Filter Air Mfr American Air FilterGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-06
40840Aluminum Panels Mfr HallstenGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-06
40839Filter Hydrualic Mfr HyproGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-06
40838Plaque Cast BronzeGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-06
40837Container Medical WasteGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-06
40836Bag Set Vetter Leak Sealing wSwivel EyesGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-06
40835TRUCK PICKUP CREW CAB DUMP WIDESIDEGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-302020-10-21
40834LINE WEED TRIMMER GREEN COLOR PN 725110950285B HONDAGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-292020-10-06
40833Hose Garden Reinforced 34 x 75 Red Gilmour 25034075General ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-292020-10-06
40832Lumber FramingGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-292020-10-06
40831RFQ Procurement of Cyber AssetsServices Supporting the Bulk Electric SystemWater & PowerOpenPersonal Services / Request For Qualification2020-10-012030-01-01
40830OnCall Underwater Hard Hat Diving ServicesHarbor Department Port of Los AngelesOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-292020-10-21
40829TESTER DIAGNOSTIC INSULATIONWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-292020-10-13
40828Gearbox Rebuild Kit Mfr FlendersGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-292020-10-06
40827IFB 133144 GREEN VERDUGO SWING GATEWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-292020-10-15
40826Honeywell Security Media Exchange SMXGeneral ServicesOpenCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-292020-10-01
40823Principal ArchitectEngineer Services RFPAirports Los Angeles WorldOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-292020-10-28
40822City of Los Angeles Request for Proposals to Select OwnerOperators for Project Homekey SitesCity Administrative Officer Office of theOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-282020-10-18
40816IFB 125021 METER VOLT AMMETERWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-252020-10-15
40811METER SOCKET JUMPER COVER AND PULLER ELECTRIC METERWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-242020-10-13
40810JUMPER SOCKET AND DISCONNECT LINKWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-242020-10-13
40809SOLAR POWER INVERTERSWater & PowerAmendedCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-242020-10-15
40806IFB 133042 BUSHING ADAPTERWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-242020-10-08
40805IFB 133002 TOOLS INSULATEDWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-242020-10-08
40804Supply and Delivery of Electrical Breakers Fuses Enclosures and Panels for LAX and Van Nuys AirportsAirports Los Angeles WorldOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-242020-10-22
40800TOS Valley Boulevard MultiModal Transportation Improvements ProjectEngineering Bureau Public WorksOpenPersonal Services / Task Order Solicitation2020-09-242020-11-04
40791LUBRICANT CLEANER LEAK DETECTOR AND EXPANDING FOAMWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-232020-10-08
40790CONNECTORS SPLICE AND CLAMPS PARALLEL GROOVEWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-232020-10-06
40789Container New Modified 40 ft CargoGeneral ServicesAmendedCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-292020-10-01
40787Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS HOPWA RFPHousing and Community InvestmentOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-282020-11-23
40785Light and Miscellaneous ItemsGeneral ServicesAmendedCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-302020-10-07
40784IFB NO 174 RENTALS UTILITY AND MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT BARE ASNEEDEDWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-222020-10-15
40782GROUT MASTER FLOW 713 PLUSWater & PowerAmendedCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-222020-10-14
40780Request For Fabrication and Installation of Full Capture Catch Basin Inserts and Curb Opening Screen CoversSanitation Bureau Public WorksOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-242020-12-03
40774LEO ROVER 4WD DEVELOPER KITGeneral ServicesAmendedCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-292020-10-06
40772Oakdell Road 3180 Bulkhead Sidewalk RepairEngineering Bureau Public WorksOpenConstruction / Task Order Solicitation2020-09-212020-10-20
40770IFB 133128 COOLER EVAPORATIVE FOR EAST VALLEY WATERWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-212020-10-05
40762RFP for General Litigation Counsel at LAWAAirports Los Angeles WorldOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-182020-10-09
40761IFB 133025 OWENS LAKE BUTTERFLY VALVESWater & PowerAmendedCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-182020-10-05
40758Effectiveness of Business Tax Exemption for New Vehicle Sales in Promoting Economic GrowthCity Administrative Officer Office of theOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-172020-10-01
40756POST STATION AND INSULATOR SUSPENSIONWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-172020-10-01
40755SECTIONALIZER BREAKER AND SECONDARY DEADENDWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-172020-10-01
40750BATTERIES MAINTENANCEFREE FOR AUTOMOTIVE AND EQUIPMENTWater & PowerAmendedCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-172020-10-01
40749Outside Counsel Environmental LawHarbor Department Port of Los AngelesOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-172020-10-21
40748Request for Proposals for Noise and Operations Monitoring System NOMS Replacement at LAWAAirports Los Angeles WorldOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-172020-11-03
40747ARTICULATED CONCRETE BLOCKS ACBWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-172020-10-06
40746IFB 132744 TANK FIBERGLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC 9100 GALLON STORAGEWater & PowerAmendedCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-172020-10-20
40742RFQ for PreQualified OnCall Bus Stop Lighting Contractors List Various Public Works ProjectsStreet Lighting Bureau Public WorksAmendedConstruction / Request For Qualification2020-09-172020-10-30
40738Erosion Control For Hillside Damage FY 2021Engineering Bureau Public WorksAmendedConstruction / Task Order Solicitation2020-09-162020-10-13
40736Detector Temperature Mfr GEAWestfalia Separator IncGeneral ServicesAmendedCommodity / Request For Quote2020-09-292020-10-06
40734RFP 90605 EMISSIONS SOURCE TESTING SERVICESWater & PowerOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-162020-10-30
40719IFB 125356 CULVERT BANDSWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-152020-10-07
40713PROP 218 ASSESSMENT DATABASE AND DOCUMENT PREPARATIONSStreet Lighting Bureau Public WorksOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-162020-11-06
40707WIRE MESH WALL PANELSWater & PowerOpenCommodity / Request For Bid2020-09-142020-10-08
40699Request for Information RFI Your Ideas on the Next Generation of FlyAway ServiceAirports Los Angeles WorldAmendedPersonal Services / Request For Interest2020-09-112020-10-09
40662Request for Proposal for Audiovisual ConsultantLibrary Los Angeles PublicOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-092020-12-01
40641Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation RFQRecreation and ParksAmendedConstruction / Request For Qualification2020-09-042020-10-29
40639Counsel at the Harbor Department For Federal Clean Air ActHarbor Department Port of Los AngelesOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-032020-10-08
40637REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR EXTERNAL AUDITOR SERVICESAirports Los Angeles WorldOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-242020-12-03
40625Marketing Services for the Citys Ready Your LA Neighborhood RYLAN ProgramHomeland Security and Public Safety Mayor 's OfficeOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-022020-10-06
40608RFP for Specialized Asneeded Services for the Application and Maintenance of Concrete Floor Protective Topping at CLARTSSanitation Bureau Public WorksOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-08-312020-10-29
40607IFB 132842 WATER CONTROL CENTER DAMAC RACKS AND ACCESSORIESWater & PowerAmendedCommodity / Request For Bid2020-08-282020-10-01
40590Department Training SeminarsBuilding´┐Żand SafetyOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-032020-10-29
40580WELL MOTORSWater & PowerAmendedCommodity / Request For Bid2020-08-262020-10-13
40570ThirdParty Administrator for Workers Compensation Claims Management and Benefits AdministrationPersonnelOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-08-272020-12-17
40561Emerging Technologies Commercial Building Energy Metrics Request for InformationWater & PowerAmendedPersonal Services / Request For Interest2020-08-252020-10-05
40553STRATEGIC PLANNING CONSULTING SERVICESWater & PowerAmendedPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-08-242020-10-06
40521Enterprise Security Camera and Access Control Systems for Central and Branch LibrariesLibrary Los Angeles PublicOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-08-192021-01-13
40491Investment Management Services for the City of Los Angeles Deferred Compensation PlanPersonnelOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-08-172020-10-01
40478RFP 90590 OWNERS AGENT FOR HYPERION ADVANCED TREATMENT FACILITYWater & PowerAmendedPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-08-122020-10-13
40464Request for Proposals for OnCall Professional Appraisal ServicesAirports Los Angeles WorldAmendedPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-08-112020-10-09
40354Heavy Haul Transportation ServicesStreet Services Bureau Public WorksOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-182020-10-16
40352Freeway Offramp Closure ServicesStreet Services Bureau Public WorksOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-09-182020-10-16
402111845 East 103rd Street OPPORTUNITY SITEEconomic and Workforce DevelopmentAmendedConstruction / Request For Proposal2020-07-152020-10-08
40156Leasing Retail Space at Los Angeles Mall in Downtown LAGeneral ServicesOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-06-172024-06-30
39928Apache Kafka SolutionsBuilding´┐Żand SafetyOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2020-06-182020-10-29
38588Leasing Retail Space at Braude Retail Mall in Van NuysGeneral ServicesOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2019-12-122024-06-30
38577Popup Operators at Los Angeles Mall in Downtown LAGeneral ServicesOpenPersonal Services / Request For Proposal2019-12-112024-06-30
38185RFI RENEWABLE ANDOR DISTRIBUTED ENERGY RESOURCES 10282019 POWER JRDWater & PowerOpenPersonal Services / Request For Interest2019-10-312030-01-01
30751Online Bidding PracticeGeneral ServicesAmendedCommodity / Request For Bid2019-08-162037-06-30