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Search Specialist Doctors in your area using ZIP code and type of speciality. Click on Doctor's name to get detail information including NPI and PAC ID, Affiliated Hospitals, Credentials, Graduation Year and Address. You can also search for Doctors by State.

Doctors in NC

Doctor NameAddressSpeciality
Dr. Annelle MaygrenKLAWOCK, AK, 99925OPTOMETRY
Dr. Marilyn HolmKETCHIKAN, AK, 999015614OPTOMETRY
Dr. Ricky SwearingenKETCHIKAN, AK, 999015614OPTOMETRY
Dr. Erik ChristiansonKETCHIKAN, AK, 999015614OPTOMETRY
Dr. Tad BuckinghamSITKA, AK, 998359416OPTOMETRY
Dr. Pamela SteffesSITKA, AK, 998359416OPTOMETRY
Dr. Carmencita PalmaSITKA, AK, 998359416OPTOMETRY
Dr. Wayne HagermanSITKA, AK, 998357359OPTOMETRY
Dr. Michael BennettJUNEAU, AK, 998019300OPTOMETRY
Dr. Forrest MesserschmidtJUNEAU, AK, 998018079OPTOMETRY
Dr. Shannon FarrJUNEAU, AK, 998017861OPTOMETRY
Dr. Hanna FylpaaJUNEAU, AK, 998017809OPTOMETRY
Dr. Sarah Bixby-duboisJUNEAU, AK, 998011852OPTOMETRY
Dr. Jill MathesonJUNEAU, AK, 998011852OPTOMETRY
Dr. James TaylorRAMPART, AK, 997679998OPTOMETRY
Dr. Kamey KappNOME, AK, 99762OPTOMETRY
Dr. Marcy O'neilNOME, AK, 99762OPTOMETRY
Dr. Augusta Plassmann KingFAIRBANKS, AK, 997094610OPTOMETRY
Dr. Mark LantzFAIRBANKS, AK, 997093933OPTOMETRY
Dr. Danica LantzFAIRBANKS, AK, 997093933OPTOMETRY
Dr. Barbara KeysFAIRBANKS, AK, 997093420OPTOMETRY
Dr. Ashley EllisFAIRBANKS, AK, 997093420OPTOMETRY
Dr. Brannon MillsFAIRBANKS, AK, 997093420OPTOMETRY
Dr. Michael MavencampFAIRBANKS, AK, 997093420OPTOMETRY
Dr. Marvin AcquistapaceNORTH POLE, AK, 997057754OPTOMETRY
Dr. Carolyn ClickFAIRBANKS, AK, 997015926OPTOMETRY
Dr. Rachel StephanFAIRBANKS, AK, 997015926OPTOMETRY
Dr. James TaylorFAIRBANKS, AK, 997015926OPTOMETRY
Dr. William RileyFAIRBANKS, AK, 997014061OPTOMETRY
Dr. Chad PersonettFAIRBANKS, AK, 997014061OPTOMETRY
Dr. David PetersonFAIRBANKS, AK, 997013006OPTOMETRY
Dr. Jeremy FulkFAIRBANKS, AK, 997013006OPTOMETRY
Dr. Damien DelzerFAIRBANKS, AK, 997013006OPTOMETRY
Dr. Rebecca WilburFAIRBANKS, AK, 997013006OPTOMETRY
Dr. Natalie MackeFAIRBANKS, AK, 997013006OPTOMETRY
Dr. Laura LangfordFAIRBANKS, AK, 997013006OPTOMETRY
Dr. Terry BellFAIRBANKS, AK, 997013006OPTOMETRY
Dr. Larry CoonFAIRBANKS, AK, 997013006OPTOMETRY
Dr. Bradley CrossSOLDOTNA, AK, 996698065OPTOMETRY