Contract Awards By Place of Performance

Federal Contracts are awarded with Place of Performance all over the country or abroad. You can use this tool to browse the contract awards by place of performance. You can search contract awards and their respective contractors using Place of Performance ZIP code or by clicking on any state name.

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Iowa(7)Nevada(10)North Dakota(18)(19)
Vermont(23)(23)South Dakota(31)Connecticut(36)
Rhode Island(39)Indiana(48)Montana(59)Arkansas(62)
Oregon(63)West Virginia(75)Idaho(78)New Hampshire(95)
Nebraska(97)New Mexico(99)Maine(108)Missouri(109)
Kentucky(203)Alabama(206)Louisiana(207)South Carolina(230)
(241)North Carolina(258)Mississippi(265)(269)
New Jersey(309)Utah(316)New York(409)Colorado(416)
California(969)Ohio(1306)District of Columbia(1858)Virginia(1924)

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