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Business Overview

The colorado business INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION is registered with Colorado Department of State. The type of business is Foreign Corporation. The business was established in 1933-12-18. The business address is One New Orchard Road, Armonk, NY, 10504, US. The registered agent of this business is , C T Corporation System.

Business License Information

Business Entity ID19871008632
Type of BusinessForeign Corporation
Jurisdiction of FormationNY

Agent Information

Agent Name
Agent OrganizationC T Corporation System
Status of Business EntityGood Standing
Business Formed Date1933-12-18

Business Location

AddressOne New Orchard Road
Zip Code10504

Location Map

Business in Same Location

Business NameAddressCategory
Liquidus, LLC Armonk, NY, 10504Good Standing
IBM CREDIT LLC Armonk, NY, 10504Good Standing
IBM CREDIT LEASING CORPORATION, Colorado Authority Terminated November 24, 2003 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
MBIA MUNICIPAL INVESTORS SERVICE CORPORATION, Colorado Authority Terminated September 1, 2000 Armonk, NY, 10504Revoked
IBM INVESTMENTS, INC., Colorado Authority Terminated December 31, 2001 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
INFORMIX DATABASE LLC, Colorado Authority Terminated April 21, 2003 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
Production Resource Group, L.L.C. Armonk, NY, 10504Good Standing
HOSPITAL BABY PORTRAITS, INC., Delinquent January 1, 2008 Armonk, NY, 10504Delinquent
TruCap Holdings, LLC, Colorado Authority Relinquished March 12, 2010 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
Princeton Softech LLC, Colorado Authority Relinquished March 31, 2010 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
TCIF, LLC, Colorado Authority Relinquished April 16, 2010 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
Plaza 36 Management LLC Armonk, NY, 10504Good Standing
INTELLIDEN, INC., Colorado Authority Relinquished February 28, 2012 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
TSSH L.P., Colorado Authority Relinquished June 4, 2012 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
PATRICK CLARKE, L.L.C., Delinquent December 1, 2011 Armonk, NY, 10504Delinquent
COLORADO CORIO, INC., Colorado Authority Relinquished March 12, 2013 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
TruCap REO Corp., Colorado Authority Relinquished November 11, 2013 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
BigFix, Inc., Colorado Authority Relinquished April 22, 2014 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
IBM PRINTING SYSTEMS, INC., Colorado Authority Relinquished November 4, 2014 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
Simpler North America LLC Armonk, NY, 10504Good Standing
Proust Properties LLC Armonk, NY, 10504Good Standing
KENEXA TECHNOLOGY, INC., Colorado Authority Relinquished June 22, 2015 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn
Swiss Re Management (US) Corporation Armonk, NY, 10504Good Standing
Trinity Packaging Corporation, Colorado Authority Relinquished April 8, 2014 Armonk, NY, 10504Withdrawn

Colorado Business Entities

Colorado Business Entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Department of State (CDOS) since 1864.. The dataset contains business name, principal address, mailing address, owner name, owner address, type and creation date. As of August 16, 2021 there are over 2.17 million unique business id's registered. Around 2,000 new businesses are added each week.

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Dataset Information

The data displayed on this page is based on Business Entities in Colorado Dataset. More information on the dataset is available here.