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Types of TLC Vehicle Licenses

TLC issues following type of vehicle license:-

  • Yellow Taxicabs: Yellow taxi cabs are yellow vehicles which can pick up passengers anywhere in New York City. Yellow cab vehicle owners must either own or lease a Yellow Taxicab Medallion. If you are interested in becoming a medallion owner visit the Medallion Owners and Agents.  If you would like to lease a medallion review the List of Medallion Agents (xls) to find a TLC-licensed agent.
  • For-Hire Vehicles (FHVs) : For-Hire Vehicles provide pre-arranged service anywhere in New York City and are dispatched by TLC-licensed FHV bases.
  • Green Cabs: Green cabs or Street-Hail Liveries (SHLs) are For-Hire Vehicles that are permitted to accept street-hails. In exchange, Street-Hail Liveries may not operate in the Hail Exclusionary Zone, south of West 110th St and East 96th St.
  • Commuter Vans: Commuter vans are vehicles that transport between 9 and 20 passengers in preapproved zones for a flat rate. Commuter vans are operated by Commuter Van Authorities.
  • Paratransit Vehicles License: Paratransit vehicles provide non-emergency transportation for passengers with disabilities.

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