Certificate of Occupancy in City of Carrollton, Texas

The Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) for businesses in City of Carrollton, Texas is issued by the City Government. C.O is required in following cases:-Certificate of Occupancy in City of Carrollton, Texas

  • When a new building is constructed and occupied;
  • If an existing building or lease space is remodeled, enlarged, or altered;
  • When any new use, tenant, or occupant is established;
  • When any use, tenant, or occupant of any tenant or lease space is changed;
  • When any tenant name or ownership is changed;
  • If there is a change in use which would place the building or lease space in a different occupancy classification (group and/or division) as referenced in the International Building Code

C.O. Fee

The application fee is $100.

C.O. Application

The owner or tenant should submit an application to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy. The application form can be downloaded below.

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