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4110--Laboratory Grade Refrigerator/Freezers/Shelves

The federal contract opportunity 4110--Laboratory Grade Refrigerator/Freezers/Shelves has been awarded to . The contract award number is 36C26222P1152. The value of the award is $41,060

Contract Information

Award Title4110--Laboratory Grade Refrigerator/Freezers/Shelves
Contract No.36C26222P1152
Contract Amount : $41,060
Award Date2022-05-13

Detail of Work

Class Code4110
Place of PerformanceGilbert, AZ, 85297, 85297, AZ

Government Agency

Sub Agency262-NETWORK CONTRACT OFFICE 22 (36C262)
Contact, 562-766-2239, ,
Federal Contact Person : SDVOSBC

Contractor Detail

Compnay Name
Address, ,
Phone Number

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